03.06.06 (10:11 am)   [edit]

Limited-Time Offer:  Order 50 points (PV) of mineral makeup or any other products and receive a free membership ($19.95 value)!

Membership Advantages:

  • save 15% on all orders
  • special promotions, offers & discounts
  • access to the exclusive website with extensive health & wellness news
  • ability to set up automatic shipment for automatic product delivery
  • discounts and benefits from partner companies
  • opportunity to have your own business and enjoy the financial rewards

You will receive a free membership when you order:

08.01.05 (7:47 am)   [edit]

Order our mineral color cosmetics online or call 1-800-701-1959.
Check out our mineral color cosmetics online:
New Spring Colors!

06.13.05 (9:26 am)   [edit]
04.18.05 (10:07 am)   [edit]

Our line of mineral make up is made from micronized minerals that reflect light and allow your skin to breathe.  They are formulated without talc, which can cause caking, drying, and creasing.  Plus, they include a vital repair complex to give skin-renewing benefits.  Call 1-800-701-1959 to order with shipping savings!

Our mineral make up products are:

*talc free  *hypoallergenic  *dermatologist tested  *ophthalmologist tested  *fragrance free  *not tested on animals  *formulated not to clog pores

Mineral Concealers

Our mineral concealer is blendable for uneven skin tone: redness, capillaries, dark circles and small blemishes.  Plus, when applied to the eyelids, our mineral concealer extends the wearability of mineral eyeshadow.

Mineral Foundation

Our mineral foundation looks and feels natural and provides environmental protection and allows the skin to breathe.  It's better for the skin than not wearing any make up.  Plus, it is a great base for mineral blush and mineral powder.

These mineral foundations contain lightweight moisturizers to maintain skin's natural balance and never look artificial or fake.

Mineral Pressed Powder

Our mineral pressed powder sets your mineral foundation, complements your natural coloring, and reflects light to hide the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  It won't cake, crease or cause dryness.

Mineral Blush

Our mineral blush adds natural color to your face.  You can also use it to sculpt and contour.  It is sheer and light reflective and blends naturally with your skin tone.

04.13.05 (10:35 am)   [edit]
04.11.05 (9:59 am)   [edit]
Check out the NEW Spring Colors of of mineral make up!

03.30.05 (10:37 am)   [edit]

Do you want to bring out your natural beauty and bring attention to yourself without bringing attention to your make up? If you answer "yes" to this question, then you will love our line of mineral cosmetics.

Visit Mineral Cosmetics

Our mineral shimmer powders contain the luminosity of minerals and a proven free radical blocker complex to highlight your skin's natural glow.

Our mineral foundations contain micronized mineral pigments that glide smoothly onto the skin, helping minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Our foundations can be layered for a customized finish without masking your natural beauty.

Our concealers contain micronized minerals to reflect light and soothe skin, thus minimizing the appearance of wrikles and fine lines.

Our finely milled, mineral based pressed powders sets your foundation for a satin-smooth finish.

Mineral pigment in our blushes makes for a radiant glow to your complexion.

Our creamy lipsticks are rich in mineral pigments and natural oils that keep minimizes feathering and the appearance of fine lines.

Our eyeshadows can be blended smoothly so it won't crease, flake, or build up around the eye area.

The mineral-based formula in our mascara thickens and lengthens lashes without drying or flaking.

View all cosmetics! Why wait any longer to enhance your natural beauty. Order today! Call 1-800-701-1959.

02.15.05 (7:54 am)   [edit]
Save on Minerelle cosmetics by calling 1-800-701-1959.  Check out our NEW spring colors!

12.29.04 (5:12 am)   [edit]
Mineral Make up products  Order mineral make up products at maximum savings by calling 1-800-701-1959.  Mineral make up products reflects light to obscure the appearance of fine lines. 

12.13.04 (5:16 am)   [edit]
12.08.04 (4:38 am)   [edit]
10.18.04 (10:29 am)   [edit]
Take a look at the New Minerelle Cosmetics.   Call 1-800-701-1959 for maximum savings!

10.11.04 (8:59 am)   [edit]
Beautiful new makeup line!  Uses micronized minerals that reflect light to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  Check out minerelle makeup here.  Call 1-800-701-1959 to save on shipping!

10.06.04 (12:38 pm)   [edit]

Minerelle Cosmetics - You will love the new line of minerelle makeup.  The products conatin micronized minerals to reflect light, thus reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  To save on your order, please call 1-800-701-1959

Base Makeup - shimmer powders, foundations, concealers, pressed powders, and blush 

Luminous Lips - lipsticks, lip gloss, and lip pencils

Exquisite Eyes - eyeshadows, eye pencils, and mascara

Nail Lacquers - 9 beautiful shades, a protective base + top coat, and a perfect french manicure white.

Essential Accessories - cosmetic bag, nail display case, mesh cosmetic bags, minerelle gift bag, professional-quality makeup brushes, cosmetic pencil sharpener, and color cosmetics appliation video.


09.29.04 (9:56 am)   [edit]

Save on Minerelle Makeup and Cosmetics by becoming a member.  Sign up online or call 1-800-701-1959.

Minerelle Shimmer Powders - Gossamer for a sparkling finish and Radiant for a touch of golden shine.  Both shimmer powders are talc-free and dermatologist tested.  They combine minerals with our free radical blocker to add a beautiful glow to cheeks, shoulders, and eyelids. - Retail: $25.95   Members: $22.05

Minerelle Foundations - Choose between ten foundation shades: Pecan, Mocha, Ivory, Blush, Buff, Nude, Beige, Creme, Tan and Tawny. All foundations contain micronized mineral pigments to reflect light, thus reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  The foundations contain lightweight moisturizers and a repair complex to help and protect the skin. - Retail: $27.95   Members: $23.75

Minerelle Concealers - Ivory, Nude and Almond concealers.  All concealers contain micronized minerals to reflect light, sooth the skin and reduce the appearance of dark circles, redness, and imperfections. They also contain a repair complex for skin protection. - Retail: $16.95   Members: $14.40

Minerelle Pressed Powders - Translucent, Beige, Tan and Toast pressed powders.  Our mineral-based pressed powders gives a satin-smooth finish to set foundation, complement your skin coloring, and reflect light to hide the appearance of fine lines.  They also conatin a repair complex to protect the skin from environmental damage. - Retail: $22.95   Members: $19.50

Minerelle Blush - Choose between Pink Sand, Terra Cotta, Velvet Suede and Plum Glem blush.  All blushes contain mineral pigment to add a radiant glow to your complexion.  They also contain light-weight moisturizers, a repair complex to defend the skin, and are talc-free. - Retail: $16.95   Members: $14.40

Minerelle Eyeshadows - Star Sapphire, Emerald Haze, Copper Moon, Chambord, Soft Platinum, Stardust, Sand Dollar, Rose Twilight, Desert Dream, Midnight Opal, Bronzed Spice, Blue Velvet and Sunny Beige eyeshadow. All eyeshadows contain mineral pigment to create an eyeshadow for a natural or dramatic look - whatever you wish!  Eyeshadows blend smoothly, won't crease, flake, or build up around the eye. - Retail: $16.95   Members: $14.40

Minerelle Eye Pencils - Malachite, Charcoal, Plum, Blonde, Chestnut, Onyx and Indigo eye pencil colors.  All eye pencils glide smoothly to outline, define, and widen eyes.  They are non-irritating and contain mineral pigment that is great for contact lense wearers.  - Retail: $12.95   Members: $11.00

Minerelle Mascara - Black and Black Brown mascara. Both mascaras are water-resistant and mineral-based to help thicken and lengthen lashes for all-day wear without drying or flaking.  They are gentle enough for contact lenses wearers. - Retail: $17.95   Members: $15.25

Minerelle Nail Lacquers - Protective Base + Top Coat, Alabaster, Blush Mist, Candlelight, Prisma Pink, Crystal Mauve, Fuchsia Flare, Smoky Quartz, Red Blaze, Pure Garnet and Ruby Star.  All lacquers deliver shiny color and maximum durability and are free of toluene, formaldehyde, and phthalates. - Retail: $10.95   Members: $9.30

Minerelle Lipsticks - Crimson Moon, Jeweled Russet, Berry Crush, Bronzed Plum, Cinnamauve, Toasted Copper, Coral, Terra Cotta, Red Lava, Rose Quartz, Pink Sapphire, Dusty Rose, Opal Blush and Amethyst Moon lipstick shades to choose from. All lipsticks are creamy, long-lasting and contain mineral pigments and natural oils to keep lips soft and nourished.  They minimize feathering and the appearance of fine lines.  - Retail: $16.95   Members: $14.40

Minerelle Lip Gloss - Crystalberry, Plum Mystique, Tigereye, Tahiti Pink, Lilac Lotus, Sunkissed, Crystal Clear, Pink Amber, and Dusty Opal.  Sheer or with a hint of mineral-derived color, all lip glosses provide a shimmery finish over bare or made-up lips. - Retail: $16.95   Members: $14.40

Minerelle Lip Pencils - Nutmeg, Spice, Mauve, Sable, and Red lip pencil colors. Lip pencils are enriched with natural oils and mineral pigments for long-lasting color to define your lips.  Retail: $12.95   Members: $11.00

Minerelle Accessories - Cosmetic bag is a cute, handy bag the zips at the top and is just the right size for your cosmetic basics.  - Retail: $11.95   Members: $10.15 

The Professional-Quality Makeup Brushes come individually or in a set of 5.  They are soft and great for blending, and make from the highest-quality natural materials.  Set of 5 - Retail: $59.95   Members: $50.95

The Cosmetic Pencil Sharpener helps assist you in keeping your pencils perfectly angled. - Retail: $1.60   Members: $1.35

The Color Cosmetics Application Video provide step-by-step application techniques.  It is a 20-minute video that illustrates the beautiful looks achievable with our color cosmetics.  - Retail: $8.00   Members: $8.00

Call 1-800-701-1959 for maximum savings!

09.28.04 (10:27 am)   [edit]

Minerelle Color Cosmetics Check out our gift sets, base makeup, lip cosmetics, eye makeup, nail lacquers, and accessories! Call 1-800-701-1959 for maximum savings!

Minerelle Eyeshadows

Star Sapphire Eyeshadow Emerald Haze Eyeshadow Copper Moon Eyeshadow Chambord Eyeshadow Soft Platinum Eyeshadow Stardust Eyeshadow Sand Dollar Eyeshadow Rose Twilight Eyeshadow Desert Dream Eyeshadow Midnight Opal Eyeshadow Bronzed Spice Eyeshadow Blue Velvet Eyeshadow Sunny Beige Eyeshadow

Minerelle Eye Pencils

Malachite Eye Pencil Charcoal Eye Pencil Plum Eye Pencil Blonde Eye & Brow Pencil Chestnut Eye Pencil Onyx Eye Pencil Indigo Eye Pencil

Minerelle Mascara

Black Mascara Black Brown Mascara

Minerelle Lipsticks

Crimson Moon Lipstick Jeweled Russet Lipstick Berry Crush Lipstick Bronzed Plum Lipstick Cinnamauve Lipstick Toasted Copper Lipstick Coral Lipstick Terra Cotta Lipstick Red Lava Lipstick Rose Quartz Lipstick Pink Sapphire Lipstick Dusty Rose Lipstick Opal Blush Lipstick Amethyst Moon Lipstick

Minerelle Lip Gloss

Crystalberry Lip Gloss Plum Mystique Lip Gloss Tigereye Lip Gloss Tahiti Pink Lip Gloss Lilac Lotus Lip Gloss Sunkissed Lip Gloss Crysal Clear Lip Gloss Pink Amber Lip Gloss Dusty Opal Lip Gloss

Minerelle Lip Pencils

Nutmeg Lip Pencil Spice Lip Pencil Mauve Lip Pencil Sable Lip Pencil Red Lip Pencil

Minerelle Nails

Base + Top Coat Alabaster Nail Lacquer Blush Mist Nail Lacquer Candlelight Nail Lacquer Prisma Pink Nail Lacquer Crystal Mauve Nail Lacquer Fuchsia Flare Nail Lacquer Smoky Quartz Nail Lacquer Red Blaze Nail Lacquer Pure Garnet Nail Lacquer Ruby Star Nail Lacquer

Minerelle Shimmer Powders

Gossamer Shimmer Powder Radiant Shimmer Powder

Minerelle Foundations

Pecan Foundation Mocha Foundation Ivory Foundation Blush Foundation Buff Foundation Nude Foundation Beige Foundation Creme Foundation Tan Foundation Tawny Foundation

Minerelle Concealers

Ivory Concealer Nude Concealer Almond Concealer

Minerelle Pressed Powders

Translucent Pressed Powder Beige Pressed Powder Tan Pressed Powder Toast Pressed Powder

Minerelle Blush

Pink Sand Blush Terra Cotta Blush Velvet Suede Blush Plum Gem Blush

Minerelle Accessories

Cosmetic Bag Professional-Quality Makeup Brushes Cosmetic Pencil Sharpener Color Cosmetic Application Videos

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